View To The Shore Testo

Testo View To The Shore

It was twilight in the village as a stranger on a horse Rode in the Middle of Mainstreet when he came to a door A cute little hotel where he took a room With a window on the second floor A view to the shore In this fateful night on the other side of town Out of the shadows came a Laughing sound A pub was burning and a woman raped People fell in rage and they went to the shore The arrived at the hotel, they arrived on 2. floor Where the stanger awoke by the noise at the door "Believe me, I was sleeping the whole night in bed Right here at the window with a view to the shore" He was beaten up 'till he was spitting blood Then they hung him on a tree with a view to the shore The real bastard smiled as he was walking down the streets Of his little town with a view to the shore