A Gaping Tear Testo

Testo A Gaping Tear

The melting cream of society runs, like a rin, in autumn, with rotten leafes patriarch reigns itsself to slavery, kidding, mankind to the rotten bones a gaping tear, over all years hyptnotized, agonized by all harm, silent and tried, afraid of life, dead-fall of social intention the wrenched veins ofvthe employee, blue and dry of starving the needful hope policy strikes against an unarmed child slashing its mind to conform its will. O happy lifes in a world like paradies with news and wars in colour for our appetite, the madman cried as the women died, a story a daydream amusement never horrifies coul we denie, the sorrow we reply to feel, no little guilty for them dying, or could you swear to feel, if you care, no proud, to save, this brown and little eyes.