Silently Just Testo

Testo Silently Just

The arm and armored fist can only go so far
We're in a wreck of a ship that is sinking
With no hope valid in..
With one hand on the deck
When the other's behind the back
With it's fingers crossed
No that can't work

I'm avoiding all the cracks
I read about a lot and its a fact
About the hooray for ovation
Just giving me headaches
Heart's just not in tact
I'm more superstitious now than I ever was
Oh yeah that sucks

It's raining outside and I didn't even know that
And outside the window
Oh yeah probably thinking song
About highway devo
Rah Are you missed on the seats of a colorful carousel
Oh when they come back around
I doubt they'll be beautiful

Forever better off as an awkward situation
As the shrapnel stays in apparently to infection
Girl I ain't got the time so I'll silent just...