So Tired Testo

Testo So Tired

I'm so tired
Of the lies you tell me
I'm so tired
Of the way you treat me
I'm so tired
Of taking care of you
And being true to you
I'm so tired (x2)

Never thought love could be like this
Being in love with someone selfish
Showin' that position that you don't care
But I'll tell you this
I won't be here for long

So you think you have time to waste
Better hurry fix your mistakes
I'm gonna find someone who relates
To what I have inside my heart

(Chorus x2)

Stayin up late late at night
Wakin up to a false relationship
Ain't no reason why
You're the one
I'm not gonna miss

Boy I hope you realize
Someone elses love
Belongs to you

You do anything to keep 'em close
And give them all your love

(Chorus x2)

If you don't love me
Then why am I here?
And if you don't need me
Why ya keep me here?
Why ya keep me here?

(Repeat x2)

That's why
I'm so tired....

(Chorus x3)