Pieces [English] Testo

Testo Pieces [English]

Don't cry, don't cry your precious eyes
Even if you're stumbling in sorrow
Just look at the truth
Please stay the way you are

Sorry for clouding that smile of yours that I love
Even if I pray, the flow of time is too fast
And I've drifted too far to return

Oh, be colored in the brilliant radiance
It seems that time turns the nights into dreams
So strain your eyes, see!

Right next to you
A new flower is blooming once again
It sways brilliantly in the light through the trees

I want to always watch over you
But it's all right now
Because there's someone waiting for your gentle hand
Lift up your face

Is that person who fell in love so long ago
Even now, in this bright season
Still moved by the one they love?

Oh, pieces of me
Fly reassuringly
Don't turn back, cross the wide ocean
That one day
There would be much light
Because you're here
My life will continue through eternity

Oh, that these memories overflowing your hands
Would not wither
As you slowly visit tomorrow
Pieces of me, fly reassuringly
Don't turn back, cross the wide ocean