When You Love Someone Like That Testo

Testo When You Love Someone Like That

(feat. Reba McEntire)

I think it was me it must have been me
I guess I did something wrong
I tried too hard
Wanted too much
I guess that's why it's gone
I lost my pride, I falled and cried
I felt like a little kid
What's wrong with me?
Still can't believe
I did the things I did

I couldn't change him
He was gonna break my heart
I saw it comin
Yeah I knew it from the start

When you love (when you love)
When you love someone like that, when you give what you can't take back
When you love (when you love)
With all your heart and soul, it's so hard to let it go
When you love someone like that

(when you love someone like that)

Girl it aint right, it just aint right
Don't tell yourself that it was you
You followed your heart, you gave it your best
There's nothin more you can do
Guys like him are like the wind
And you know it's just too bad
They blow in and out again and never know what they had

Girl I can tell ya
He'll do the same to someone else it aint about you
So don't be so hard on yourself


Bridge 3
Reba: oh we've all loved and lost
It's happened to us all
LeAnn: I hear what you're sayin but I feel like the only one
Reba: You might feel that but you're not
You're alright (I'm alright) You're ok (I'm ok)
You're gonna make it anyway (both)