Bitches Aint Shit Testo

Testo Bitches Aint Shit

(feat. Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Suga Free, Oobie)

[Intro: Lil' Jon and the East side Boyz]
Yeah, Yeah...
LiL' Jon and the east side boyz (thats right bitch)
Suga free (suga free)
Bad boy snoop dogg, oobie wassup girl
And this nigga right here
Sing it to them nate dogg (hey) (sing it man)
[verse 1: nate dogg]
Back in the days i use to like bitches (uhh)
But i tell you now days bitches aint shit (tell 'em)
And if you wonder why i say this (yeah,yeah)
I've had a lot of women and bitches think they slick (shoopbop ??)
Sneakin' around fuckin' around whenever were not around (always)
Actin' all sophisticated spending money that she didnt make (oh,ya)
I get so mad that i could slap her actin like she cleopatra (ya,ya,hey)
Aint no need to ask shes a slave to tha money and im the master

[hook: nate dogg]
Thats why i smoke sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday
Dont let no girl no bitch (hey) no man no nigga get in my way
I keep my gun with me (always) for peace i keep it right by my side (05 bitch)
Big nate long beach we'll keep Lil' Jon tight beat so come on let's ride

[verse 2: lil' jon]
Whats up with these tryin'to play a nigga
?? hoes straight stay a nigga
No more dick in yo pussy just stick with your throat
You aint gon get no child support
Playing a nigga like you were one to know that
But i love yo gurls, naw i was just playing
You say you love me if i was just playing
Why i gotta be likr that, why must i chase the cat
Or really why must i chase the rat
Nigga fucking bitches how bout that
Wont you buy me a drink (bitch hell naw)
Let me hit yo thang?(bitch hell naw)
Wont you take me to yo crib(bitch hell naw)
Lets go to the mall(bitch hell naw)


[east side boyz]
Stop. SHYEAH. take a left. SLAM.
Pimped out. shyeah. take a left. SLAM.
Stop. SHYEAH. take a left. SLAM
Pimped out. SHYEAH. take a left. SLAM.

[verse 3: suga free]
Now dont get me started
And never say what you wanna do
Cause your just a recess pieces to get turned out too
Now i can get that man back
But how you gonna sue me child support
When you aint sat down and wrote me a rap
See you cant??
Uh oh suga free the last dinosaur from caveman
(she'll center) i toast? to this
So she can check the track, i toast? to that
You can catch him on the dance floor, i toss to this
And you know she aint got no panties, i toss to that
Gooshie-gooshie-moshie-mooshie-push me-push me
I can tell by the way she dance shes got a nice pussy


[verse 4: snoop dogg]
Yeah, let me get a glass of that
Puff puff pass it back
Doggy dogg with a classic rap, blazing sacks back-to-back
Imagine that
Im tryibg to holla at shiniqua
Champagne for me and my peopa
VIP'ing, LBC'ing, DPG's, they'll be G's
Until the end of time, and will continue to shine
My games gettin' bigger, its a wrap. chuuch my nigga

Let me tell ya about a bitch
Bitches are??
Bitches dont give a shit
All a bitch want is a victim of??
You aint get no loyalty
Cause a bitch gon always be
They love it when you fuck 'em
They love it when you leave? em
Better yet when you mistreat her
For the bitch, nigga you dont need em
You bitches, aint getting shit

[outro: lil' jon]
(hey hey) there you have ladies and gentlemen (there you have it)
Our desdription (uh uh)
Of how these bitches be actin' this
Motherfucka that cant be
All i gotta say is keep oit pimpin' pimpin' (keep it pimpin' pimpin')
And i dont trust these motherfuckin' hoes (oh oh)