Crunk Juice Testo

Testo Crunk Juice

I be a mean Clique (Yeah Yeahh)
We back motha fuckers (We Back)
The Kings of Motha fuckin crunk (Kings of Crunk)
Yeah Yeah
A Lil John (Lil john)
Lil Bo (Lil Bo)
Big Sam (Big Sam)
I be a mean clique (a mean)
It's time for some motha fuckin crunk juice (Crunk Juice)
Get some crunk juice in your system (Yeah yeah)
Now this is about to be (What)
The most incredible (What)
Experience you eva felt in your fuckin life (Yeah)
So sit back (Sit Back)
Smoke a blunt (Smoke a blunt)
And turn this shit up (Turn this shit up)
Yeah lets go hey lets go hey lets go
Stop that shit lets go right now