Keep Yo Chullin Out The Streets Testo

Testo Keep Yo Chullin Out The Streets

(feat. Big Gipp)

[Big Gipp talking]
Hello what's happening world?
Yo this Big Gipp I've been called down
By Lil' Jon & The Eastside Boyz
To tell you what's really happening
On these streets in the A-town man
Cause you know a lot of shit going on
A lot of flaw, a lot of people moving up
A lot of people moving down
You know what I mean, but after this
I'm a tell you the truth now

Now after these 12 bars the world is gonna know a few facts
And after these 12 bars you might get your shoulders in your laps
See the neighborhood boys and the economy getting worse
The candy lady jumping fifties outta Easter purse
Bill Kammer gone, Shirley Franklin in
The GC closed down, Mike Chiles got ten
The feds locked the pimps up for pimpin in the south
You may control her mind, but you can't control her mouth
And these R&B stars having sex with the kids
Need to be chopped up and castrated and served to the pigs
Oh yeah homeboy, you big time in yo state
But around here sucker, you get squeezed like grapes
This a word to the wise, the gravy get chunky
Somebody will pull that steel, throw it up an get funky
I got that Wayne rims, Winnie the Pooh and Mr. Miyagi
And horse tranquilizers that will fuck up your body
The wolves out hunting they looking for new meat
Better gather up your guns and keep yo chillin out the street
I said the mutant's out hunting, he looking for fresh meat
Better gather up your guns and keep yo chillin out the street, nigga

[Big Gipp talking to end]