Where Dem Girlz At? Testo

Testo Where Dem Girlz At?

Lil Jon and the East Side Boys (what)
Where dem gurls,
Where they at,
Where dem gurls at,
Where thay at Where they at,
Where dem gurls
Where y'all at
All y'all ladies represent to this thing alright
Come on come on


Where dem gurls at (ohhhhhhhh)
Where dem gurls at (im lookin for them gurls)

Verse 1

You got a job (yeah)
You aint no slob (no)
You got them benifits (yeah)
You dont take no shhhhh (no)
You stack your chips (yeah)
You drive in brand new wheels (yeah)
You ridin on dubbs (yeah)
You dont mess with scrubs (no)
You keep your hair tight (yeah)
You go home at night (yeah)
You got them pretty toes (yeah)
Without no dough( yeah)
You wear them 3-inch heels (yeah)
You can cook a good meal (yeah)
You like to have sex (yeah)
But not unless they get it wet (HEY)


You like to like that thang (yeah)
You aint got a man (no)
You can drop it down low (yeah)
All the way to the floor (yeah)
You smoke that green (yeah)
You a sexy thing (yeah)
You got you belly pierced (yeah)
Your jaws arent fearse (NO)
You keep ice around your neck (yeah)
Four can be next (yeah)
You like them thugs (yeah)
The ones that spend g's in the club (yeah)
You wear GG Harmer (yeah)
You take trips in the summer (yeah)
You gots them little heals (yeah)
You spend big face bills (yeah)


Verse 3

Okay, Okay check this out,
Were going to break the beat down right now,
Now everybody listen to me
Now this dance, this song aint for everybody
All those sexy ladies (all those sexy ladies)
So only the sexy ladies make some noice for me right now (where y'all at make some noise Whoo)
Check this out
All the sexy ladies in the place
I need y'all to sing along with me one time
I love myself
I love myself
I love my sexy self
Alright Alright, Hey


Hey Hey Hey
Say wer lookin lookin for them girls
Hey Hey Hey
Where them girls at Where they at Where they at
Hey Hey Hey
Lookin for them girls
East side world wide
Hey Hey Hey