Quiet [feat. The Game] Testo

Testo Quiet [feat. The Game]

[Chorus 2X: The Game - singing] When the sun goes down and them guns come out Them niggaz that was talkin they won't run they mouth When them shells start poppin, bodies start droppin (It's so quiet you can hear a rat pissing on cotton) [Lil' Kim] Do you see what I see, can you hear what I hear All these stu-di-o gangsters, year after year With these gimiicks I can't take it they ain't real so they fakin it How did they make it in this game for so long I know what's right from what's wrong, I know what's soft from what's hard I know a federal case, from a publicity charge Man I FOUGHT tooth and NAIL to keep them PUNKS out of JAIL But hoes wanna go to COURT 'til I pay them for they NAILS Who you tryin to be? Man it couldn't be me My man spent guap and bought me my Continental T You spent your advance on your Continental T I know you sick when you clean your RIMS you still see a Bee And we see you a LIAR, tryin to DENY HER Jackie O. proved you FAR from a FIGHTER Comin at ME bitch you playin with FIRE I ain't gon' come back at you, I'm comin at your GHOSTWRITERS [Chorus] [Lil' Kim] I hear 'em talkin like they gangster material But I don't see it man their gangster's invisible The hot iron's what them gangsters put into you 'Til you laid up and your gangster's on critical SHOTS get into you bleedin like my men-e-straul And if I don't like you then I will pretend to It's the ones that befriend you that TURN up against you In the court of law and drop a DIME like Sprint do Supposed to be tough huh? 'Til them boys touch ya Chump muh'fuckers start confessin like Usher I cut you off cause I knew I couldn't trust ya Lame ass bustas, backwards-ass hustlers You fake phony, you always was lil' homey Big lil' son bab' boy like Jody I put you under my wing, bought you your first Roley Nigga I helped raised you, why would I play you? [Chorus] [Lil' Kim] You see it always be them ones talkin this and that How they knife game ILL and they gun go CLAP Them niggaz rats, they run and they trap 'Til they run in a trap, and there's no comin back It be the SAME ones talkin 'bout the guns they sparkin The dogs never bite but do a whole lotta barkin A whole lotta growlin 'til the wolves start howlin They pitbull shit, man them niggaz straight cowards Got 'em scared to death, pissin in they trousers Always was a bitch that's why I sent his ass flowers Thanks to the Queen he can share 'em with his team You can run top speed BUT YOU CAN'T DODGE THE BEAM Got a CLEAN 16 and my spit game mean Don't be fooled and deceived, everything ain't what it seems You act like you don't know what side of town this realer Niggaz softer than chinchillas but on wax they killers [Chorus - 1/2]