Another Head Put To Rest Testo

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Testo Another Head Put To Rest

(feat. Scarface)

Back in effect!

Dig it
Comin back, I'm too large, I'm widdit
Come test me, you wanna get scarred, back in effect
That means that Ak is comin hard
And you're regrettin that you tried to pull his card
I start to sweat, when MC's get out of hand
And I don't let you amateurs get on the stand
I just go get Johnny B the right-hand man
and watch em jet, when the Akshun takes a stand
I'm on the set in other words, I'm in effect
Grab your cassettes, hit your rewinds, and your ejects
Tell your friends that Ak is back and Ak is def
Another head put to rest

"When you wanna step to me I think you should know that.." - [Kane]
"I am a nightmare walkin, psychopath talkin.." - [Ice-T]


I go for broke, so why would you waste time
Here comes an Einstein, bringin the bassline
Boy you're a sad case, still wanna test mine?
Yeah this is Brad's race, and here comes the next rhyme
You shoulda thought, before you stepped into
the center square, now I'm gonna bend you
You shoulda broke out, right after when you
had the chance, so let me continue
I've got rhymes that can go on forever put em in mines and combine
and make em clever, irritatin the most minds
Aiyyo money, it's toast time, let us compare
Who's got the dope rhymes?
I take it as it comes, I got the gall
I couldn't fake it, so who's the one you call
to rock a party, and you know that Ak won't stall
Pass me the 40, I'm back in effect y'all
And step, and give the man some respect
You guessed, another head put to rest

"When you wanna step to me I think you should know that.." - [Kane]
"This is how it should be done.." - [Rakim]


Back, comin back like a crackfiend
Strong, I leave a mark like a vaccine
Stop, you comin off on a wack scene
You're steppin on Ak's green
Move, up close, to the animal
Not a vegetarian, I'm more like a cannibal
I'm comin hard, I'm comin hard, you can't stop the press
Ak is a madman and I'm grabbin hostages
Flow, at will, stand at attention
now go, no more plottin and no mo' bitchin
Ak is a man, who's gonna get off
Whassup? Step off
I heard your rhymes, and nevertheless
I never fess, and I'm back to progress
I yell whassup? Put you to a test
Another head put to rest

"When you wanna step to me I think you should know that.." - [Kane]
"B. is on the cut.." - [Rakin]

As you sit, in your crib just imaginin
how to make up a jam that just hasn't been
used, by the Ak kid now that's a laugh
It's over, on the level, stack up the trash
Pause, and let me break it down the way
I want to break it, and see how it sounds too
I couldn't fake it, cause Ak ain't around to play
I couldn't take it, now H-Town is bound to pay
Bet, the man tried to hold me back
Now sweat, you couldn't control the Ak
Go get, upset cause I told the facts
You'll jet, cause here comes a load of wax
I cool, on the scene I'm in the spotlight
A fool, tried to test me then I got hype
I taught school, told them to take a hike
Grab the mic, psych, that jam is too hot right
I prove, to all you punks just like Willie D
Ooooh, don't mention names, oh silly me
But on the real tip, take it seriously
You couldn't handle Ak, I mean really D
I'm coolin, and steppin, whassup with that?
Backs to progress, another head put to rest

"When you wanna step to me I think you should know that.." - [Kane]
"Ain't.. no.. half.. steppin.."

I'd like to send a shout out to Class Quarter Productions
My man Troy's in the house, y'knahmsayin?
Shortstop Records
Johnnie B's on the set
Crazy C in the house
Def Jam blastin, rockin it on and on
Special shout to my mixmaster, DJ Bruce