The Bad Side Testo

Testo The Bad Side

I Can't Feal My Face Lets Go Real Nigga Just Can Be Fake Fake Niggas They Just Can Be Real Hot Boy I Just Can Be Chilled So Hot Ima Walk And Count These Boy Just Can Get On My Level They Never Could All White Phantom Directed Into Da Hood Runs Soft Level My Gat To Terry Wood Back 4 5th Thats Workin Very Good Got A Drive Named Wood Drow Opens Da Dow Sewa-Sid Dow He Move Tha Unbrella I Hopes Out Da Back Tell Rosa Parks Were I Sat Ima Dog But Im Like A Cat To A Rat If He Don't Run He Get Scratch Rrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaoooooo And When It Comes To That 4 Stain Im Like Old Sku Harlem Shit That Rich Boy That I Came From That I Gave Him Crack And Know Its Time To Introduce Him To More Fein You Play With Tha Wrong One My Mama Had 4 Boys You Playing With The Wrong Son They Say Ladies Love Cool J But Its A Chance That Juelz And Ladies Love Me And If The Bitch Ain't Im Lien 2 Nickles Make A Dime Every Time These Boys Akin Like Worthless Hoes But They Carrer Is Like There Cars Be In The Cirtins Closed They Want War Lets Get It Know They Want Beef I Give Then A Cow Tip In You Do Wanta Get On My Bad Side I Leave Niggas With No Neck Like Fat Guys Dont Be Playin With Me I Ack Vize I Make Them Chinese Fools A Nother Cat Fight No Comparing Me Theres No Comparision Im From A Nother Planet Like Amines Shark In That Water Theres No Scaring Them These Fish Belong To The Aquairiam So Keep Actin Like Cokeman Boy And We Will See Whose The Real Barbarian The Actin Like Backpacks And Yes I Am A Vetanireian You Dont Wanta Se Me Ack Like Mean So Don't Watch Me Im Not A Flat Screen Nope Im Pay Per View You Know What That Mean You Gotta Pay For This [Lil Wayne:] Hard Body I Cant Even Bend North Rode Im Cold Like The Wind Northpole Im Froze On My Lem Too Much Ice Im Like A Walkin Bezzle Thats Why You Niggas Couldent Get On My Leveland Never Could All Black Phantom Directing Me From The Hood Black Berry Soft Dash Is Black Too My Driver Black Too My Driver Strapped Too Lil Wayne Im Live And Zack Too But This Aint To Movie Script More Like A Ozzie Clip I Get The Ozzie Clips Spit Like The Ozzie I Spit Like I Just Jumped Into Ozzie Clips Nigga Whos U Wit I Can Move Your Click All I Got To Do Is Let Loose Wit This Ozzie Clip I Get A Ozzie Bitch Muder Move The Chair Around Any Where I Ran Brother Whose Your Bitch And After That There Comes A Smell And Afret That There Welcom To Hell O Hope Your Situation To Well Because I Can Bust Your Ass Like A Lobster Tail I Put It In Her Mouth Like Aqua Nail And I Get High Like A Doctor Bill So I Shell Force Up The Kitchen Tellin Me He Anit Got No Pot To Sell 17 Waters Where I Provel And Runs Them Streets Like A Soccer Field You Lookin Athot For Real And I Am Runnin On This Bitch Like I Popped A Pill And I Dont Mean David When I Say It When It Comes To Marijuana I Will Cop A Field Just Drive And Get My Pop A Meal And Eat My Shit At The Top Of The Hill Look At The Good Side Never Look At Back At The Bad Side You On The Bad Side Hey And You Dont Wanta See My Bad Side You Would Want To Be My Allie And I Believe I Can Fly Not Like R Kelly Nigga He A Dam Lie Weezy Write It I Da Sand I Hope The Wind Don't Blow For Internity