My Mic Is On Fire Testo

Testo My Mic Is On Fire

[Ego Trip's "Book of Rap Lists"; p. 65]

[first three lines of introduction are undecipherable]

[LS] It's me, Lord Shafiyq, may I enter?
[RL] And Khaliyl ?? ?? - in other words, what do you want?
[LS] Set this mic on fire
[RL] And how you gon' do dat?
[Verse One]
It's no coincidence, that when I came on
and spoke into my mic dome, I said "FLAME ON!!"
An arsonist calls this a wish
but his name is great, dope, triumphant - he can't hold this
He went to war with the Hammer of Thor
Now it's a monument, hangin on my wall
But you insist to shoot joints - to prove a point
but it's nothin new - because the joint's that you threw
(that you threw) I knew was sweet
It's like an episode, it repeats and repeats
You threw a jab I grab your wrist SMAK kiss your fist
Threw it back in your face; mmmm, a total diss
but you're still engaged to what I put on page
Now my mic wants a divorce - it's on a rampage
Singing a lullaby that's so fly
removes the ring around your finger, place it around your eye
Command my mic to play dead, until a knucklehead angers me;
so instead, I'm gettin trife like a mortal with a ginsu knife
I'd rather bring my mic to life - my mic is on FIRE!

[Verse Two]
If I was a porkchop, I'll commit suicide
Purposefully jump into the skillet, to get fried in lard
.. and let you chew on me hard
Then watch you choke from the dope for not bein the God
I won't assist you, or miss you; instead I'll diss you
I grab you by your forlocks and then I'll twist you up
like a pretzel, seasoned with sodium -
- which is salt, who wants to bite now show me them
and I'll roast 'em, toast 'em, post 'em where the sea dwells
Down the Pacific, where Sally sells seashells
by the seashore - and if you want more then just ASK
You shall be given the cure
You're not dealing with a dealer or dealing with a concealer
You're dealing with a revealer - Shafiyq is a healer
I am the antidote, and I'm dope, and I'm anti-wack;
which is to say being wack, is what I lack
I'm so dangerous so please don't anger this
microphone, he'll tell me to untangle his wire
Plug it in, to fulfill his desire
?? set his ass on fire - my mic is on FIRE!

"Oh my God!"

[Verse Three]
Yes, so weren't you callin my name
or am I buggin - are my ears playin games?
There's no time to snicker, I came to flicker
a light dormented in you, and the quicker
you acknowledge - inhale (aaahhhh), exhale (hahhhh)
Bear witness - Allahu Akbar
adhered to my call, and entered the door
then do what's right and exact - and hit the floor
Cause my mic is on fire, meaning that it's lit up
until the knowledge stop flowing then you all can get up
and inhale (aaahhhh), and exhale again (HAHHHH!)
cause it's a constant ??style that never ends
Knowledge flows through me, my microphone uses me
to illume me, then he becomes on FIRE!

[Verse Four]
I keep droppin science as if I was clumsy
So in tune with the tune that even bums be
boppin to the theme that makes hobos rock
I stop crime - like Robocop
I sport, Bally sandals, ride on camels
Wear Egyptian Musk, cause I hate grey flannel
I hate a man who thinks he's better than I am
because he's bigger than I am, he doesn't know who I am
You said you're built like a house, tough shit - I ain't fearin it
When does a house compare to a pyramid?
That's what I enter when I want to meditate
I light up, a pack of ?? incense, and then I translate
a flow through a pen on a scroll
Then I unrolled the scroll, when it's time to roll
Shafiyq is the Lord, much is under my cap
And like Reynold's, I'm here to +Wrap+ - my mic is on FIRE!