Under The Banner Of The Unholy Spirit Testo

Testo Under The Banner Of The Unholy Spirit

I'm walking through eternal darkness,
I will never see the dawn.
I'm walking through an ocean of sins,
I will never get out of it.
The morass already touches my chin,
no one will ever get out of it.
There's endless hate in my pride heart,
it has been growing since my start!
Under the Banner of the Unholy Spirit
thousands of warriors fuse to one great might!
We condemn the lies, there's just one solution:
There's no compromise, we call out to revolution!

Hypocrisy rules the world,
now for more than two thousand years!
I can see because I am willing to see,
but together with me, there're just a few.
We can gather only a small crowd at our sides,
fighting blade at blade against the enemy "world".
We are just a few, but we are unified:
Not against each other - Together, we fight like one man!

I take my sword and cut your throat -
The might let you freeze with fear!
With my look I take your breath -
Close your eyes and welcome the Death!
The deaf and the dumb,
they line my way.
The blended and the blind
try to cringe into my mind!