Cops Up Testo

Testo Cops Up

"Yeah, R & Sexy
I think the clubs are going to love this one
I know the ladies will
Cos this is what you do"

Well, she was 5 foot 8
Sexy as she wanna be
Her smile made her famous
All the other chicks hated
They just mad at her
Cos she looked just like an angel
Yeah, and the niggas actin' crazy
Runnin' up to her
Like they want to have her baby
But you know I played it cool
Walked up to her, right
I said, "Shorty, what it do?"
Before I asked her name
She said "Hi, I'm beautiful"
She said that she's been watchin' me
From across the room
Wonderin' if I could be the one for you
I said "What are you drinkin'?
She said "Henny apple juice"
I said "What is your game?"
She said "Me and you
And boy, I'm not playin' "
I won't stop until I get your heart
That's when all the shit started, hey
Somebody call the cops up
Little mama just stole my heart
She makin' me fall in love
She ain't gonna give it up
Somebody call the cops up
Somebody call 911
Tell 'em I been shot through the heart
Believe that I can't get up
Somebody call the cops up
Somebody call the cops up

Hey, shorty got the biz
She show me what it is
When I took her to the crib
Yep, see that's my downfall
When I fell into them drawers
I started fall in love
Look, when we got up to the car
She started talkin' shit
Tellin' me she like menages
Me? She said she got a friend
But first she want to see
How much I'm really puttin' in
Like, ooh, she takin' clothes off and
Ooh, she started breakin' me off
I'm drivin' over lanes
I'm tryin' to maintain
But the shit that she was doin'
Nearly set us in flames
She said "Daddy, take over"
Ooh, I can't hold it no longer
I'm about to lose my mind
At just any one time
What did she do?


I want you walk like a model
Walk it out
Now freeze and drop
Drop it like it's hot