Keep A File On Testo

Testo Keep A File On

No passport in your pocket, nervous on the border You packed your suitcase in wrong order A wrong key at the wrong door, think about your home You're searching for a face in your headwaste You're waiting for your girl, you're waiting at the wrong place, you're waiting for an unknown face You will stay alone for hours and for life Your flowers were cut by a knife and you'll be cut from love like a sleepy head forever kissing the dead Why do you try to hide from your memories? You did not want to bear responsibiliy When you are born again every day your life will last exactly for this day A day without teeth and sexuality A wrinkled day with rheumatism seated in a wheel-chair, the trousers full of piss So try to remember the last kiss Keep a file on nervous moments Keep a file on, don't forget Keep a file on nervous moments an interface to fault control Wrong place, wrong girl, wrong kiss, no fault control wrong age, wrong day, wrong life, no fault control