Marilyn Testo

Testo Marilyn

A princess like you Feel the black hour A maddening starlet, streaks dark in the room All is pollution, passion to you Your language be careful, Your speech has been ruches, You sit on your back behind pillows and hiding your tears Be carry your dreams, these sorrow, sorrow made fear Springtime is over, take care in the dark Hear on your medicine man he's a star You're fighting and always when cat eyes spark You spin around and around in the dark Drown behind bottles, drink them and Further you'll always see Love sees no valour, speak into my ears That you'll always see Drown in the middle of water Is it better than the ground? You're falling for ever on destiny's ground You're falling for ever in this sound Dead behind your faces see The tambourine man struddles his hands Loved to be, the childrens matter You speak on, fortune and sense You pay the price, the final lies of the beauty Why hide your eyes the damned life for you and me Drown in the middle ... Times Marilyn, times like the spring Times they are gleaming like white kaolin, Wake up this morning, a rose like the spring Live to see times like white kaolin.