Sunny & 62 Testo

Testo Sunny & 62

Yo, this is my last time calling you because
Uh, I'm just tryna link with you, and clearly it don't seem like it's that important to you
And that's fine, you know what I'm saying
I'm not taking it personal whatsoever 'cause I know you over there probably just playing 2K with the sliders up
Sipping on Don Julio on your couch
Okay, and that's more than fine, I'm glad you're happy
I just think you owe a brother a call
That's just my personal opinion, you know what I'm saying, so take it with a grain of salt
Alright? I'll holla
Sunny and 62, without a thing to do
Yeah, yeah
Stuck on the avenue, the one that I been so used to
Can't even find my shoes, but still I got nothing to do
Sunny and 62
The sky is almost all blue
But I still I got nothing to do

Found you by the water it was no suprise
We both got higher than the tide that's rising, oh oh
Just too small for the starry sky
But making love's better than compromise I know, I know
Found you by the mountains they were supposed to fall
Are you still there if you miss my call?
Oh lord, lord
Just too small for the empty space, better off holding my breath, fading away
So I'll just fade away (Fade away)
I just wanna fade away
Said I just wanna fade away
Baby, I'll just fade away