The Adventures Of Al Boo Boo Testo

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Testo The Adventures Of Al Boo Boo

Not long ago in a place real far
I knocked this hutch in a grill slash bar
Fuckin up some prawns and chips
Cuz Mac Dre dont eat omelettes
Suckin my teeth like I'm da shit
On Gin but I think its time to switch
Bartender gimme somethin strong
Dont wont no Ice Tea Island Long
Gimme Stogies wit rocks and lime
Man I get dat all da time
Throwback Steve Larkin #80
Looked up and I saw miss lady
On my momma
I aint fat-mouthin
Da bitch look like she could suck a thousand
Her ass wasnt really all dat giant
She must of been workin dat on a diet
Man you know what she lookeded like?
Dat Filipino broad Jay used to like
Bottom line
She was fine
You dont see dis kind all da time
Man you know my first name is Mac
Walked up to her, pulled down my hat
I said, "excuse me lady, is something wrong? You been lookin at pimpin way to long. Why do you keep on eyein da nigga?"
Cuddie, da bitch start cryin a river
I said' "Whats wrong?"
Like I care
She said she caught her pimp fuckin a square
I said, "DAMN! U must be devastated"
She said, "I been wit him since I graduated, but wait a minute, you look familiar"
I said, "Come on now, look Cicilia, dats da oldest line in da book, dats bunk like dope I used to cook"
She said, "Uh, dont you rap?"
I said, "Yes it is I, Andre the Mack"
She said,"ell now if dats da case..."
Then waved five bow wows in my face
She said shes been my fan since she was twelve
and if shes gone choose it might as well be me
Da M to da D
Is dat five bow wow choosin fee?