The M.A.C.& MAC D.R.E. Wit The Mac Testo

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Testo The M.A.C.& MAC D.R.E. Wit The Mac

(feat. Mac)

[Mac Dre:]
Cherry to Peach, peach to the plum
Rite bout now I'm about to get dumb
I'm a young black brotha 4rm the V town city
Records for my uzi, hot dogs and smity
My homeboy's Sease on a Cold Crest Cut
To all u bitches I like to say Wats Up
Freak females, with that whale tale
If u wanna real man, baby come to Vallejo
3 feet down is were I kick at
Yes baby doll, u no I spit that
Game to your brain, Mac Dre's is tha name
I you feinin for my rhymes like dope from Cane
Oh yea, I'm quite a dictive, it's madatary 4 me to spit this
Mac Dre that big ol playa
So much game I need to run 4 Mayor, or even President
Just livin large, Ooo they wood hate 2 see a brotha in Charge
Drivin round town with the system Jammin
They woodn't understand to hear the president slammin
With the dead presidents or I'm stackin yah
I gotta make me another flip a maximum
Celluar phones, hot bedroom homes, and a 14th carco Microphone
I like to send a romp shot to my homeboy D
Put the R to the O to the M to the P
Just a little somethin to make u bug
Get romped out and put a hole in the rug
Wheather in a car or at a party
Don't be scared to dance like marty
Put a double romp boggie in your behind
Pay close attention while I spit this rhyme
I don't drive a caddy, cause I'm not betty
I like to drive round town in a tite ass chevy
With 2inch white walls, yea that's rite ya'll
Call me on my beeper, leave a code I mite call
And if not I'll see you in the traffic
On my way to make my money and stack it
It's the same everyday, everday is the same
I'm just a young playa with so much game, Mac Dre
And don't u 4 get, Fonky Fonky Fonky Fonky
Dope rhymes wat u get 4rm Mac D.R.E.

Mac D.R.E. Mac D.R.E. Mac D.R.E.
Mac D.R.E. Mac D.R.E. Mac D.R.E. Mac D.R.E.

[The Mac:]
The Mac, it's wat my name, nigga talk down cause I'm so dam famous
But I ain't trippin, I keep on Mackin, keep on pimpin, I keep on stackin
Them green dollars that u no I no I do
Makin these fonky ass songs for you
I went to Claim Bay, for a little of practice
Now that I'm back UH! I'm at this
Police still jack, I just laugh
They say wheres the dope, I say u want a autograph
I use a ink pen to sell my drug
I'm gonna keep on writin 4 the bitches and thugs
With a white, black, or u can slap um
Give me a drug beat, and we'll be partyin
I'm just like that, I ain't trippin
And if the bitch is fine, then I'm spitin
Cause in the party I'm a horny muthaphucka
Gurls in tite jeans don't press your luck bout
Step to like a pimp, then shot u to the telly then do yah
Yea u no the Mac is real retarded
Bout is fonk as a fat man farted
I don't slow down, I just speed up
A yo Mac Dre fire the weed up
Cause I really flow, when my eyes get low
Or I'm really really jucied at a Mac Dre song
Wat ever the equation my eyes are red
Fat 40 in the hand, and beleive I said that
Been an alcohlic since the age of 13
Believe my brotha I'm a dope fein
I need Ol E, that's my pipe
My mouth is a flame, I heat up the mic
And in a battle, I'm sure as corshin
And if your really talkin shit then I'l str8 up tourch ya
He flows down, hah, I'm 4rm the V town
I'm bout to heat up, turn the beat up
Now I'm short ya'll and I like to thank ya'll
4 comin out, so fire up the dank ya'll
And blow the smoke out at the same time
So I can get a tic, while I'm spitin my rhyme
I'm out of hear, bout I'll be back
Listen to this fonky ass dope track
Bout the Mac and don't u forget it
Fonky Fonky Fonky dope rhymes that u get 4rm the M.A.C.

The M.A.C. Mac D.R.E. Mac D.R.E.
I'm the M.A.C. I'm the M.A.C.
Mac D.R.E. Mac D.R.E.

[song fades out]