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Testo Kaepora

I awoke in a tree, I’d blossomed from its leaves, I awoke into a brighter dark
A fairy of the forest, came into the open, shouting from its blinding eye
We ran into the brush, the violence and the musty centre of our father ’s heart

The spiders on the walls, cascading waterfalls and caverns of the strangest fear
Pouring from the ceiling, brandishing and reeling, finally I pierce the eye
Suddenly a spark, the aura of a heart and a way out

Came into a clearing
Only the wood providing shielding

Then came the night, and the skulls, the howling of the wolves
They cowered in fear
They cowered in fear at the sun in their eyes, at the light crawling near

Wounded in the mountains, healing from the fountain, trials in the heart of caves
Carrying the stones, a boy without a home, a reckless and unbounded child
Entering a tomb, where time would not move until I had grown