The Feud Testo

Testo The Feud

Down by the Mississippi, buried in the mud
Is a five page oath and a bottle of wine
It's engraved in steel, it's written in blood
As far as I can tell, the blood is mine
I swear and I cry, “I can't let this secret down!”
But it's best to let things lie buried in the ground

Up in the canyon's little leaf ledge
Is my twisted brain and a crying rain
There's a box of lightning, there's a box of lead
But there's a pail of hope next to my bottle of pain

Gov'ner if the sun goes down
Amazing grace I will have found
'Cause I need time to resolve this feud
If I don't have time I might shoot

It's my great granddaddy and my daddy's kin
They fell hell bent towards you and you against him
I don't know you'd better ask them
I don't know why, I don't know how
I just carry on the tradition

Gov'ner if I am so crazy as to raise this here gun
Oh Lord in Heaven have mercy on this one
Mother, rage and hate have made me blind
I carry on, my neighbor, I don't even know why

It's here in the saddle bag, my grandma's gold
I ride to dawn on my lightning mare
It's just like a story that's always been told
It's like I don't need a reason and like I don't even care

I swear and I cry, “I can't let this secret down!”
But it's best to let it lie buried in the ground

Gov'ner you must realize
It's just the family name that makes me blind
Oh God, please brainwash me, scold me too
If I don't forgive, or at least forget
I will continue with this feud
Continue with this feud
Just like a cartoon
It's just a family feud
And as I end this tune
Will I continue with the feud?