The Coffee Cart Gamble Testo

Testo The Coffee Cart Gamble

I met a girl with magic lips and she said
“I'm gonna be the last girl you kiss” and I thought
Woah! She's on the offence...but I like a girl with confidence
Hey, let's take this slowly
I don't mean it she knows I don't mean any of it
You don't even know me
But the look in my eyes was the one that she read yeah
I'm falling out of windows, writing little love notes, singing them to you...
(Wanna know if you feel it too...)
I'm standing on a staircase, betting that you want me, hoping that you do...
(Gotta know if I'm getting to you...)
I'm falling out of windows, I'm writing little love notes,
I'm standing on a staircase, I'm hoping that you want me...
Tonight, tonight is alright for me and
We're making out 'till half past 3 in the morning
“Bro I swear I didn't hear the warning”
I wish I never had to leave
Let's take this slowly
Let's speed it up before we get let down
You'll never know me
If we don't start now we're never gonna find out...
I'm staring at your window
I'm thinking of the words I wrote
I'm wishing you were writing me the love notes
Now I'm hoping that I'm not alone...
I'm falling out of windows
I'm writing you a love note
I'm standing on a staircase
I'm begging you to want me