Fight To Keep Testo

Testo Fight To Keep

I left my heart on the top of a window sill
It fell apart when the winds pulled it down
On the ground where the sun drove the colors deep
In the summer heat, the colors seem to drown

But you pulled up the colors with a simple tune
You breathed a song and you dusted off the sand
You put the pieces on your sleeve, you gave my heart to me
It looked so pretty that I fell upon my knees
And from the ground I saw your face
You spoke of love and you sang of grace
But come the night when the light is gone
Its in the dark that my deeds are done

What I've done in darkness, I must turn away
This mended heart was meant for so much more
Though the wind is telling me that it's ok
I'll stand my ground till I hear the kingdom come

So I will fight to keep the fire burning in the night
For I found words to keep me still
And though I'm prone to go and make the same mistakes
I hear your voice calling out my name

I'll fight to keep the fire burning in the night