Front From The Past Pt. II Testo

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Testo Front From The Past Pt. II

(feat. Walter Powell)

[Odario (Walter Powel)]
My man Walter P
(Yeah man, heh heh
See a tings a gwan going brethren
Yah man, tings a get bad)
(Hit me dem have ta realize, a serious tings a gwan
Yo, stop fantasizing 'em, big up themselves
Correction ya know)
Check it out
(Buss a now man)
Check it out
(Buss it, come again [echoed]
Yeah man)

CHORUS: [Odario]
Look with real eyes and you will see the real lies
Then you will relize that you guys
Are living in disguise, for real
But so am I, together we need to make a compromise
Dry the tears and stop the cries
Quit living behind what we hiding
Set ourselves free like, exhibition rides
Exhibition rides

[Spitz] Feeling you dog
[Odario] Exhibition rides
Sinister plots as we adminster shots
Through your cerebral cortex, watch as enemies rot
Essentially they not, destined to be on top
You do so much as blinking I'mma steal stop
Feel the knot, in your stomach as you plummet from a summit
Expression on your face when you realize who done it
Two cats from Winnipeg achieving everything you wanted
With deadly rhymes skill and we're not ashamed to flaunt it
Next isht we on it, bad isht you got it
Odario grip the steel and finish what I started


(Walter Powell with an ill drum solo, continues for rest of track)

These MCs think they so big they want hypnotize
Looking for love, and talking about all eyes on me
Want to be big willie MCs
Doing nothing with themselves, but fantasize
Doing nothing with themselves, but fantasize (fantasize echoed)
Can't you see, the deal is a fantasy
(He's dealing with his mind) [repeated in background]
[vocals too low] That you could live here, ???? ???? ????
And that's my word


Set yourself free [repeated til fade]