Last Dance Testo

Testo Last Dance

At this dreamy hour, darkness has the power, to reveal the secrets that we hide so well If you?ve a tender feeling you have been concealing, here?s a chance to prove it with some show and tell Let the spirit guide you, look around beside you, find the one you think of in that special way Time to let them know it, want a way to show it? Here?s a dance to do it and the words to say Chorus: Hold me close, hold me tight, swing and sway together, softly as a feather Don?t try to wonder what can this spell we?re under be And if you hear me say tonight, I?ll still be yours tomorrow in happiness or sorrow Won?t you take a chance with, dance this final dance with me? Your arms were made to hold me, surround me and enfold me, your face was made to rest itself against my face They say love can never stay the same forever, still I?ll never tire of your embrace, I know night?s appeal, it makes fantasy seem real, I know not all my foolish dreams are meant to be Are we just pretending, or when this night is ending, will the morning sun find you still with me?