Immortal Testo

Testo Immortal

seems an eternity ago since i last saw a friend uncountable years have gone since life has come to an end the memories are fading nothing lasted long everything else was ending but i'm still living on when you gave me immortality i was laughing loud and long this fatal curse that you laid at me seemed like a gift but i was wrong you could have killed me easily but said that living was my fate i remember that you smiled at me but why - i realised too late i'm here left alone like a fish in the desert thirsting for the river i was from here i sit in neverland with this rope around my heart endlessly waiting for my death to come but i'm not dying, tell me why please stop this pain and let me die! hunger, thirst and pain dragging me to the ground i am alone, i am insane i'm screaming just to hear a sound my memories they torture me too far - they seem so close at hand i know you're out there, please come to me please make this pain an end