Pay Testo

Testo Pay

I never hear you scream are you alive ? You're living in this dream that you'll survive You said you were my best friend then you proved it was a lie now nothing will stop me and I won't deny I hear your whimpering do you yearn for water ? You've lived a bastard's life now it's not worth a quarter you're tied hanging upside down in my dark soundproof chamber did you ever feel such fear? You don't remember I see your breathin' air mixed up with your sweat condensing at the garbage bag that I pulled over your head you abused my deepest friendship you abused infinite trust you abused her childishness to satisfy your pervert lust pay the price (the price) - for all the cruels you've done pay the price - for the nightmare that my life has become taste my rage (my rage) - about the friendship you destroyed taste my rage - 'bout this remaining dark and empty void