Want It All Testo

Testo Want It All

My bitch tastes like cucumber juice
Your bitch tastes like Timberland boots
My bitch gets fucked in a new coop
Your bitch gets fucked by any old dude
[?], just stating factuals
Keep a couple killers and we all moving tactical
Actual, my girl not practical
She says she's suicidal, told her welcome to the [?]
Took the head like a flesh wound
Lean back, I need leg room
Is this a Maybach or the restroom?

Cool, calm, and collective
Colin Powell lobster, locked down imposters
Should I call a locksmith?
Granny Smith apples with the kush by the barrel
Versace on the apparel, rap game Will Ferrell
Likely to be [?]
Rap game Frank Thomas
Spit a 16, broke 17 thermometers
Trampolean on thermostat
Now I'm padding stats
40 points at the half, it's halftime
Leave these haters on the line
Rap game Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime
It's Charlie Chaplin swanging through Manhattan