Defend The Sacred (Ilocano Welcome Chant) Testo

Testo Defend The Sacred (Ilocano Welcome Chant)

I wish I’d been taught
How to protect my heart
Not from Satan or sin
Or a person or the dark
It’s from myself, the child
The destructive shadow
To feel unwanted
Is a weapon in battle
Maybe if I’d known this
I’d have spent less time defending my power and control
I feared everyone was taking
I’ve lost more than I started with to get on the red track
It’s a lineage of sacrifice
To take your power back
To defend the sacred
Is to protect my heart
And grieve for those I’ve hurt
To find healing in parts
And mourn the lifetimes of trauma of ancestors I never knew
What‘s mine and what’s inherited the merging of the two
To defend the sacred
And protect my heart
I feel late in that blooming
But, I’m repairing my part