Primordial Soup Testo

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Testo Primordial Soup

Oh, days in the primordial soup
They're stirred a billion billions in the molecules
And now and then a few would stick together
But they just break apart so easily too

'Till one dawn they came along
The molecule different from every other one
Could copy itself, the first replicator
Became an alma mater of all life to come
That's your evolution

But one camp in today's world
Said that that's an evil lie
And another camp in today's world
Said that proves that God is alive
So some people started to fight and died
While others just won inside
And I, myself, couldn't really know why
I turned out closer to the second kind

I stood on the rocks of the shore
And as salt breezes go in through my door
I stood on the edge of the sea
And I wondered why all this is made around me
And I wondered why I should be
So free and happy
So sad and chained
Might feel frustrated, doesn't mean anything
Might feel lonely, but what's in the end?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah