Let It Fall Testo

Testo Let It Fall

Hey look, I'm not weighed down As I walk through The glowing wheat fields churning on the ground As all the ravens fly away They leave nothing But the sun and endless blue day I always knew I felt this way But couldn't find the time to say To myself I've got to let it go Through all the joy and all the pain With the drought and the rain The honest truth is all I want to know Let it fall Let go My kingdom's walls have fallen down But I know that I don't wear an undeserved crown And though it seemed to fit me well Underneath it I would certainly fall down Last summer we left things unsaid That should be now a long time dead And now it seems that time has put it well The words can chase away a friend But to a lie they'll bring an end And throw it down the darkest, deepest well Let it fall Let go Let it fall Let go Let it fall Let go Let it fall Let go