Defiling The Gates Of Ishtar Testo

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Testo Defiling The Gates Of Ishtar

Impure am I,impure I spill my seed upon barren earth
And spit in the faces of the Goddess,unclean am I
Unclean I copulate with the hands of the God
And defile the Gates of Ishtar
Unblessed am I,unrepentant
Buh Luh Uh
Si il Inanna
As Gi Su Ak
Gis Tes
Gis Tes
Unwashed am I,unwashed I lay violent hands
Upon the altar of the Goddess,in filth I lay,in filth i desecrate
And profane the Temple of Ishtar
And blaspheme in the presence of whores
Baad Angarru
Open the Gate that I may enter,open,lest I break down the walls
Open the Gate,lest I cause the dead to outnumber the living
Open the Gate,lest i cause the dead to rise and to devour the living