Laying Fire Upon Apep Testo

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Testo Laying Fire Upon Apep

Fire be upon thee Apep
Ra maketh thee to burn
Thou who art hateful unto him
Ra pierceth thy head
He cutteth through thy face
Ra melteth thine countenance
Lo your skull is crushed in his hand
Thy bones are smashed in pieces

Burn thou fiend
Before the fire of the eye of Ra
The hidden one hath overthrown thy words
The gods have turned thy face backwards
Thy skull is ripped from thy spine

The lynx hath torn open thy breast
The scorpion hath cast fetters upon thee
Maat hath sent forth thy destruction
Thou shalt burn

[solo: Karl]

The god aker hath condemned thee to the flames

Fire be upon thee Apep
Thou enemy of Ra
Let flames gnaw into thee
And sear thy flesh
Fall down Apep
I hath set torch upon thee
Taste thou death Apep
The burning is upon you
Thou art consumed
I hath lain fire upon thee
I hath smeared thy remains with excrement
I hath spat on thin ashes
Taste thou death