Revel In Their Suffering Testo

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Testo Revel In Their Suffering

Our cruel masters
Overlords of the black earth
Have fallen unto ill days
Abandoned by their gods
War has ravaged them
Corruption and decadence have divided them all

Their pharoahs, their scribes, their priests, their gods
Hear not their cries
Revel in their suffering

Yea verily they had long made war
War upon us
They enslaved our kind
They violated our lands and razed our cities

With contempt they made our fathers to crawl
Like beasts of the field

Not now nor ever shall we shed tears for the oppressors
Who have fallen to ruin

Let them descend into war and chaos amongst themselves
Let them tear into each other like wild dogs
Let them starve like filthy rats
Let them expire by plague and disease
Let their cities burn

We do not aid them
We do not hear their sorrowful wails of anguish
Revel in their suffering

For far too long have they incited the wrath of the gods
We shall revel in their suffering
Their cruelty and malice
Contempt for all we are
Their merciless atrocities
Shall be returned upon them
By the gods themselves
Let them suffer