The Inevitable Degradation Of Flesh Testo

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  • The Inevitable Degradation Of Flesh

Testo The Inevitable Degradation Of Flesh

I have come to you that you may Heal my corpse
Permit me to go down into the Earth Forever
Such as He who will not be Ravaged

May I not become Corrupt
May my Ka Ascend aloft May it descend only after it has perished

Such is he who is Decayed
All his bones are corrupt
His flesh is slain his bones are softened
His body is made into foul water
His degradation stinks and he turns into many worms
When he is sent to the eye of Shu

Every mortal is thus
All those who live will die
All who die shall rot

Do not give me over to the slayer who lurks inside
Who rots the hidden one
Who decomposes corpses
Who does what has been commanded

I have awakened in Perversion and dread
I possess not my body
I have become corrupt decayed putrid
Worms gorge upon me
Maggots infest my organs
Vermin gnaw my skull
My eyes have been eaten my ears are deaf
Rotten flesh falls from my bones
My head has romeved itself form my neck
My tongue taken away
My hair has been cut off my eyebrows stripped
I have become what I abhor