What If Testo

Testo What If

I often wonder just how can it be
But everytime I think about it
Seems impossible to me
I wanna touch you, call out your name
Would you be my love, would you be my friend
Would you feel the same

What if wishes all came true
And each one had a star
That would keep it shining brightly
However near or far

What if a miracle appeared
And heaven was here for us to see
Oh what if you, were to fall in love with me

I imagine, a picture in my mind
You and me we'll be together
Together for all time
Like in the fairytales
Where everything comes real
Would you take my hand, would you understand
Just how I feel?

Its not impossible Its not impossible
It happens each day
People find each other
Fall in love with one another
It happens this way
Its not impossible Its not impossible
I don't believe
If I close my eyes
If I make a wish
You'd be loving me
What if wishes all came true?