Chatter's Life Testo

Testo Chatter's Life

My life,I fly,I touch the skyChorus: Wow!Everybody say how!We're so cool, don't lack anythingespecially in chattingWell, we're the bestwe'll beat up the restIt's a hard knock day,so stay, staaayYeah, learning to ...ChorusIt was a hard days nightI'm a chevalrous knightI'm so ...ChorusI'd like to party,let's eat a smartyYeah, all in the house ...ChorusWe're ready for take off,flow your hands off!So let's go ...ChorusNow blow your brains outeverybody crie and shoutWell, so let'sChorusLadies full equipedScream, they love your last hitHangout on the beach, ...Chorus