No Shame Testo

Testo No Shame

I feel my hope is slowly dying
Turn around cuz I might start crying
Every second of every day
You have no shame, no shame
I'm on my back keeping muscle at a steady pace
Everybody seems to think life is a low risk
Got to get you out to the real world before anybody else does

Welcome to my world knowing that there's nothing I can do
I'm in over my head
I witness everyday how ignorant some people can be
Have you no shame? No shame...

I'm trying to show you that your life's misguided
I could have given in so why should I fight it?
I know you're wishing you could change this picture of its dirty frame
And rearrange
And I'm not hyper, you don't show any aggression
Learning the hard way will loosen the tension
Try and grasp the concept for your own sake


No shame...

[Chorus x2]