As The Desire Of Evil Is Unsatisfied Testo

Testo As The Desire Of Evil Is Unsatisfied

By the enchanting melodies of the darkest angels,
Curse from the night, by this symphony is recall.
Lunatic hymns of evil blessedly by the dark,
The obscur veil of winter is surrounding the sky.
White as immortal snow the kingdom is sleeping,
Cold is this eternal frozen throne of serenity.
May the infernal wind awake with violence
And wash away the putride vermine...

Where are the ways to the lighten sky
Blackend is falling enthroning the cries.
Fire rise and burn eternally
As the desire of evil is unsatisfied

Chaos is this opaque struggle of the light,
By million are falling the angels face the lies.
In tears of blood is rain these cries.
To the darkened horizon the sun will be repel,
See the walls of divinity are broken by the spell.
Shadows over the sky are leaving free from hell.

Among the flames of blasphemy, fire of evil
Is enthroning with fury the lost kingdom
The lord is shading the domain like a phantom...

The moonlightning is bright through the darkness,
Showing the gates of the damned madness.
In this morbid slaughter of witness,
The sky will turn into blood red...