Gathering Souls Testo

Testo Gathering Souls

Meant to be stronger but always they poison your mind
Sealed and unturned
Breaking the evil with love

Find out the truth 'bout the world they think they can destroy
I don't belong
They cannot poison my mind

Sent through the universe, powers that end all their lies
Called out for help
We will see all of them die!

Now the enlightened will show how the power can turn
Foreseen a war
Not the first, not the last

Sword in his hand and the will to destroy human kind
All has arrived
Burn the world! Bury all!

Darkness spreads her eternal wings
Like a god the survivor stands

They called him Lucifer
But no one knew his name

A stronger feeling
A hope of light

Somehow it generates
A power cold

Freezes our consciousness
Become as one

The knowledge of us all
Collection done

My sight is blinded
I sense the end