Calm Before The Storm Testo

Testo Calm Before The Storm

Top Dog, (who), Top Dog o' the year
Top Dog (baby), Top Dog o' the year
Top Dog (Top Dog), Top Dog o' the year
Top Dog (Top Dog), Top Dog o' the year

Top Dog, to nice up your part-ee
tell everybody to leave they shorty shake they body
cause it's dangerous, in these fills that we walk
it's a rap race in this wicked city we call New York
you all talk, and ain't nuthin workin upstairs
so stop acting like you know what I be saying when you scared
it's all fair and you won't be around next year
you all done when the wagon done cause the MP's is near
don't swear, cause you know god don't like ugly
if heads ain't ready for armageddon I say fuck em
duck down, that's the only safe thing for you
Originoo guns 3,2,1 I thought you knew

I be D.O.G. soldier I'll be
for life, come into my cipher
Big Kahuna knife ya
LT, the Lieutant Duck this
Fab 5 blowin up like this

Hush watch the bum rush crush it's the storm
Originoo Guns 3,2,1 (??) it's on
quiet riot, leave sides retired
niggaz don't wanna fuck with this they must be wired
like snitches fixes hide then slide
niggaz nowadays got no time for your lies
I ban it heads gwon sink like Titanic
but if I put my pawn to your behind then your can it the fuck up
duck, locked up like Douglas
the guns wreck shit that was meant strictly for the exits

quiet riot.. second source out the storm
platoon OGC
Louiville Sluggah... SGT period
word is bond

niggaz in the street got mad love for the beast
honeys yellin oh my god I'm in the house like the East
if it ain't OGC then it must be Heltah Skeltah
the fresh flier MC for hire on that ass like fire
so I melt ya I'm still untoucha-
bull come through like the soviet union then bust ya
if you know _ it means ya get stomped out much faster, plus plaster
your face against the wall then burn ya slow like Dutch masters
go out, fuck who you call it's the storm
J. McNair declares war on all o yall

Yours truly far from booty
the captain of gunclappin a.k.a. the Beast from the East
I be the Boot Camp masterpiece
word is bond.. squadron OGC
Vil Slugga and D.O.G.
as the motherfuckin sky starts to cloud
those who bought the OGC LP will be preparing for the storm
get ya umbrellas and ya gym hats
do it like this do it like that
word is bond
vil Slugga D.O.G. Louiville
fab 5.. 3-2-1 Smif-n-Wess.... Dru-Ha (is you ready..)