Flappin' Testo

Testo Flappin'

Intro: Oh oh (oh) pass that spliff bwoy. Starange Wondah: Yes yeas y'all O.C.C. be double O be the best y'all E-Swift be always representing for the west y'all Let me feel up shortie with wide breast y'all It ain't no test y'all. Come on, break it down take it there We take it there, we about to take it up. Top Dawg: I'm pulling the evidence form all y'all fakin' ass residents Who claim that y'all community clam and come from heaven send You best to get out of my face with all that yappin' I told you aboout that flappin', about shit that can happen I'm askin' you to gwan head with the Boot The y'all weeds good but the green weed no good Starange: Mad niggas wanted so I'm glad y'all could make it Starange freakin' with the flow even with my hair braided Yo I hate it, when fake MC's make believe To be the bomb on the mic and get over with mad G Now Fab 5 is like a household name On thee attack that was lead by Starange You know me chillin' with number 2 and the O.G. Hoes be on me like that glow on Obe Won Konobi Can't you see that wehn the storms on the shelf We totally crush LP's (we don't need no one else) So ask who can you rn to bus you won't escape From no one Starange the Shogun you hate (Caboy boy caboy boy) O.G.C. we build or destroy Come again (caboy boy caboy boy) O.G.C. we either build or destroy Louieville: Do he dare think he will survive Goin' against Ville Stluggah number 2 from Fab 5 Originoo Gunn Clappa yeah batter originoo gunn stasher Tory if you didn't know end of story Part like land make way cause here come Louie Quiet riot gets rid of the fools quickly See it's thee, 3 dimensional beams guns apon ya Storm watch watch clock if not yous a gonner I'd ratehr be meeting niggas in time and square Cause what is rare and gettin' extinct is niggas with shit to share I see his face I see his feet I see the gun and bwoy you are gon dead With 2 beer gun shots to him head Leave the war behind you painted tin red Thee O.G. with smoke spliff to him dead It's your choice you best not forget it You better listen to the words I just said Cause me serious armaggedion afight And we be prepared and aware and on sight for the enemy (Where you gonna run to?) Too much flappin' pon streets need green Take it back to beat down a dope fiend Starange: Son I know what you mean cause shorties sill say that I know that ain't jack high off 8 black Louieville: Tough guy they lie they see moms in the precinct Starange: Sayin' where could he be cause I haven't seen him recent -ly, the MC from O.G.C. Mr. period S-T-R-A-N-to the G Got y'all niggas scarred y'all ain't prepared For the business what's this? Louieville: Dismiss these niggas with the quickness Starange: Get your shortie wop cause I heard she had the thickness Louieville: Shifted trapped a flapper like John Crossing G.C.'s you fools are dead wrong So long boy voyage ghost be gone Those ? can't hand you up apon this channel Hook