Suspect Niggaz Testo

Testo Suspect Niggaz

[Starang Wondah] Yo it's that real nigga shit That make the real niggas get Buckwild, jumpin out they whips So I been Fresh like the Prince ever since grade 6 Can't turn back, I ain't been the same since You know how bitch niggas in the industry Pretend to be a friend of me In the long run, becomin enemies R.I.P. Wet Capone, who got jooked up Looked up, my nigga had mound, this be he hooked up Got niggas out on the Av., they all shook up Me and Henny think this O.G.C. is booked up Fuck your wack sound, say the word, get backed down Got my nigga Henny mad, yellin in the background (fuck them niggas) They better ask someone Because paranoia got me ready to blast someone Yo ass get down, Starang say blast them son Yell out, M.F.C., and here they come wit massive guns [Louieville Sluggah] Aiyo some chick asked her home girl "Who is he?" She said "You don't know Henny, V-I-Double L-E That's that nigga that's full blowned just like a celly Bill real nigga shit, tell ya how the hell he feel" G.C. til the day I D, all night but it up, M.F.C. for life Niggas I looked up to, turned out to be Suspect alarmin Grab ya kids, niggas is Barney Yo they able gettin money, they laughin, but ain't funny They gonna stay hungry, cuz our days gettin sunny Aiyo I put it down, for my people knocked down and locked down G.C.'s can't be kept down, we keep on, till the sound is full blown Pops, I'mma see ya when you finally hit home [Starang Wondah] Yo, who hit Starang Wondah, Relation and Stevie Hennyville, guns buck to M-O-B-B Should ya work hard, to us comes easy Don't want beef here, no prob come see me [Top Dog Big Kahuna] Straight flashback, clearin ya field, lookin for cash back That's fucked up, you was in debt, know you done lucked out You bugged out, take up this year and get the fuck out My amaze, rollin that green weed up in my leaf I'm not havin that, just replace wit the black Check Judo or Knitty, or June for the 50 cent Look at that, my niggas wanna be where the hookers at So where we at? Bucktown muthafuckas Who are we? M.F.C., bitch niggas We hold it down, hold it down, hold it down [Buckshot] Let's take a walk through Park slow, not what you eat But we practice the art of chokin these streets of Brook-LAN Is similar to Vietnam, so be it to bomb We never calm especially when we get illegally searched Stereotype, you know they from Brooklyn, so they bound to fight That's right, what, ya niggas ain't shit Cock back the double barrel and spit seed Buck never quit, I walk the streets wit a bunch of O.G.'s, who know me Pass that nickel bag nigga from 93 Buckshot, that nigga wit the red dot, pointin at ya knot Cock quick, nigga watch this [Havoc] I heard your sayin, purposely spillin the beans On the street, rockin paper, now you playin the greens Khak's sacky, don't wanna get the fuck out bad Know the sim whilin on the street is all in ya fad Twenty stitches, collect call stressin mad bitches Got you in the home or house of snitches Dick thatta dug you, only hit for Mom on the humble Four building, what 'em crumble I hate these muthafuckas, got the heat in the stash Just prepare, shit ready to cock Did he wobble in and watch roll eyes Number one fan, to po nine Talk behind my back, come quick to blow minds I'm quick to blow strike wit the gold nine Ask my mother, God bless, that was quick, to hold mine [Starang Wondah] I wet my man, Big Hav from the M-O-B-B Hennyville, Buckshot my man D-O-G Should ya work hard, for us comes easy Ya want beef, no prob come see me O.G.C., Mobb Deep, Brownsville and QB Pocket change, mack alone the whole M.F.C. Bob Marley spliff, crack open the hennecy You want beef here, no prob come see we