Freestyle P A To The T Testo

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Testo Freestyle P A To The T

P A to the T, Yeah that's me, on the microphone I speak and I made the beat
along with the melody so just get up out your seat and move your feet
I'ma B- Boy around the town, Ya'll know how I get down and if you don't I pound
all through the ground, and the frequencies just travel around I'm doin' what's within me, I'm thankin' the almighty G O D, for everything that's around me and I see so many deceitful liars, I just close 'em out my life, our friendships expired
I'm doin' something in a whole new point of view cuz the old ways askewed
now I'm through, I'ma keep on doin' what I'm destined to do
No one else can be me, here let me show you

I'ma do whatever it takes, I gotta do more than just make cake
I'ma tryin' to do more than stack up bread
I'm workin' on a plan to keep my family fed
Gotta do it all, Not just for the fame, not just for the call
I gotta do it because I know that it's possible
through the almighty anything can be and so I'm free