Been Around The World (Remix) Testo

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Testo Been Around The World (Remix)


Yeah, uh uh

Turn me up a little bit

Yeah kids, Harlem on the rise

Yeah, turn me up a little bit more
Uh-huh, uh-huh

We like it

Uh-huh, uh-huh

Yeah kids, Harlem on the rise

This the remix '98

And you don't want no problem with these guys

Come on

Chorus: Puff Daddy, Mase

Chorus #1

I been around (Uh-huh, uh-huh)

I been around the world (Uh-huh, uh-huh)

I been around (Uh-huh, uh-huh)

(We ain't gon' stop)

I been around the world (Uh-huh, uh-huh)

(We don't even know how to stop)

I been around (Uh-huh, uh-huh)

I been around the world

Verse One: Mase

Yo, yo

Now trick what? Lace who?

That ain't what Mase do

Got a lotta girls that'll love to replace you

Tell it to your face boo, not behind your back

Cats talk slick, we never mind that

Funny never find that Puff a dimestack

Write hot stuff that make people say 'Rewind that'

People know, you go against the Harlem Jiggalo

Getcha hoe, lick her low, make your girl trick your dough

I represent honies with money, fly guys, and jets

Ride with the tints that be thirty-five percent

Hoes hope I lay, so I look both ways

Cop says okay, my tint smoke gray

No way, people leave without handin' me my chips

Got plans to get my land and my 6

People outta pen'll understand these hits

Pop champagne like I won a championship

Chorus #2

I been around the world and ay-ay-ya

I've been playa-hated

And I dunno, and I dunno why

Why they want us faded

I don't know why they hate us

Is it our ladies

Wanna drive Mercedes

Uh, baby bay-be

Verse Two: Puff Daddy

Yeah, yeah

I was in one bedroom, dreamin of a million

Now my beach houses creamed to the ceiling

I was a gentleman livin in tenements

Now I'm swimmin' in all the women every tens

Went from Bad Boys to the Crushed Linen Men

Now my dividends be the new Benjamins

Chicks of all complexions, I like cinnamon

Mase you got some girls, well playboy

Send 'em in

What you waitin' for let the freakshow begin

How they came in a truck (Mase: Nah Puff, that's a Benz)

Mercedes, come here baby

You don't like the way it's hot and hazy

Never shady, you must be crazy

It's ridiculous how they keep their lips on this

Don't kiss right there, girlfriend I'm ticklish

And I be switchin fees with a wrist full of G's

Playa please, I'm the macaroni with the cheese

repeat Chorus #2

Verse Three: Mase, Puff Daddy

What, what

You don't know who the hell I be

Can tell I be

Now hasta la vista, c'est la vie

Now what have we a cat in a Bentley waggy

That keep cats saggy, roll with P-Daddy

Come be one of baggy, girls be one to stab me

I be more than gladly to tell a foe

Yo, you ain't offendin' me

It ain't like you the first son of the Kennedy

Or even in a mallway, you can *** for me

But all until you talk you don't ever spend a G

I know how it be

You know me from before when I used to detour

Down in ***

Push the E or

Days I just kick it

My crew buy Crystal

Just so we can spit it

All that expensive stuff

Just so that we can ***

Be a lot of places that you *** can't visit

Talking cause I live it

repeat Chorus #2 until fade

door RMK