Behind Every Great Man Lies A Regret Testo

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Testo Behind Every Great Man Lies A Regret

This might be the last thing that you ever do.
This could very well be your last night on earth.
If it all came crashing down, would you still be satisfied?
Just think, tonight, when you close your eyes, you may not
be so lucky to wake again and see the light.
The ones around you that you claim to love so much can be taken
away from you within the blink of an eye.
Do not be afraid to let someone know how much you love them.
Don't walk through life thinking that you are invincible.
It's a matter of fact, you can and will be hurt.
You will be knocked down, and at some point you will lose everything,
and that is when you dust yourself off and get back up.
Live each day as if it were your last.
Tomorrow may never come.
If this is the last thing that you ever do,
make sure it is being done for yourself.
If this is your last night on earth,
let everyone know how much you cared.
Make sure that if this ceiling came crashing down upon you,
you would die a happy man.
Don't be afraid to make alot of mistakes, they can help you grow
if you learn from them.
If you haven't listened to a word I have said, please,
listen, and listen close. I have got two more words for you,
and try not to ever forget them.
No regrets