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Testo Statistics Show That We Do Not Care

They claim to be men of faith, They convince you that you are wrong.
Repent for your sins while they commit their own.
I wish that things could have been different,
I can't imagine the pain that you feel.
If only someone would have listened, all of this could have been avoided.
It has become an epidemic.
We hear their cries but they are ignored.
How lonely must a child feel before someone steps up
This is now the way of our world.
We recognize the problem and cover it up with lies.
We know who is wrong and yet we still protect them?
I do not know what else to say.
I wish that I could make all of your pain go away.
Everyone has heard you out but no one actually took the time to listen.
I'm here with open arms.
Tell me the truth and I will listen. You are not the one that's wrong in my eyes.
I know it's unfair.
This pain may never go away but there is no reason
for you to keep it locked up inside.
I know that this world can be an ugly place but I still believe a smiling face
can give hope to a better tomorrow.
How can these monsters claim to serve in a Gods name?
How can we sit back and let them unleash their unholy reign?
How many more thousands of children have to come running in tears to us,
claiming that they have been touched and
raped of the very innocence that we once held sacred?
I'm sorry.
I apologize from the bottom of my heart for thinking
that we'd actually care about the children.
Why would we care about our future anyway?
I'm sorry