Perfect Love Testo

Testo Perfect Love

Perfect Love casts out fear That's how I feel when you are near So wrap your arms around me 'Cause when all fear is gone It's only your love I see Love is yes and love is more Love is a key to the prison door Fear's afraid of finding out That love is what it's all about Love can take a beating silent Fear is angry noisy violent Love can make a racist breathe Please forgive me Fear is lonely fear is wrong When it whispers that you can't go on Love's a bridge that carries me High above an angry sea Love will never keep a score Of all the things you've done before Fear will take you're darkest sin and blurt it out Love is patient love is kind Love can place itself aside Love is power to believe That what you dream you can achieve Fear can sting and fear can scoff But only when the lights are off Love is light and fear it knows When love is here it goes